04 July 2008

Can Bovine Growth Hormone Help Slow Global Warming?

Oh, please, spare me from the gas that is being emitted by spin doctors (Can Bovine Growth Hormone Help Slow Global Warming?) who are looking for any excuse to introduce yet another "helpful" hormone into cows as a way to increase the bottom line. It's all about profit: theirs.

Global health would improve vastly by eliminating the noxious death-inducing gases created by the raising of dairy cattle. Cut the dung and stop rearing cows, period.

Plant more crops for people to eat.

Raising cows for human consumption, dairy or beef, does more than degrade the animals. It takes up an unbelievable amount of the earth's surface to contain, breed and feed, produce and process dairy items with attendant machinery, slaughter and butchery, transport, marketing and disposal of carcasses, than can be imagined in the worst nightmare.

We don't need to drink milk. The only milk humans must ingest is from our own mothers. Lactose-intolerance to bovine milk is common and the 'Vitamin D' which is added to our milk is a steroid hormone, not a vitamin at all. Liquid dye is used to colour cheese.

All this and the money-makers aim to inject the cows with yet another hormone.

One solution would be to embrace an animal-free diet. Everyone is capable of making a personal choice to embrace vegetarianism. Worldwide, many people choose to eat plants only.

Some argue that eating fruits and vegetables is far too expensive for people living on a low income. On the contrary, once you're no longer purchasing meat, dairy, seafood or fowl, you'll discover you've more than enough to supply yourself with a healthy plant-based diet.

So stop swallowing bull. Challenge the common perception that being a carnivore is necessary to human survival.

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