07 August 2008

WISE Book on BC Ministry of Education "Recommended" List

Just found out. Received the letter today.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand, let alone sit, still.

To remind folks, the book produced by WISE in 2005 was Policies of Exclusion, Poverty & Health: Stories from the Front. It was entirely done, from project inception and research to design and publication, by low-income women. No university researchers or professional consultants were involved.

The book includes a) the first-person accounts of 21 low-income Cowichan Valley women who participated in a WISE* study during the summer of 2004 and, b) two reports, also by us.

In other words, the book is in the first person and from our own perspective throughout. Daphne and I (co-authors of this blog) were two of the storytellers.

Since WISE sold out all its copies earlier this year, I've been adding audio files of the book's chapters to my podcast channel. Didn't want the women's stories and voices to stop getting out.

Now, hopefully, they won't, and there'll be orders coming in again.

NB: We sold out our current stock of books earlier this year and have no plans to do another print run. However, we can do special print runs for bulk orders of 30 books or more.

NB2: WISE Membership, which was free, was comprised solely of low-income women. Others supported our work by becoming fee-paying Associate Members or Friends (donors). WISE folded on December 15th, 2007, four years after it was founded. We'd done two projects, produced the book, had grown into a national movement and encouraged other low-income women to be leaders of change in their communities. We folded due to changes made by the Harper government, which effectively barred marginalized groups from further federal support.

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