16 September 2008

Toughen Animal Abuse Laws NOW

UPDATED with a third case reported today.

At least two three stories of animal abuse are in the news today.

One reports a cat which was set on fire and left to die a horrible death. The other second tells the tale of the shooting of a 14-week old puppy. And the third describes the case of five puppies which were thrown down the hole, and left slowly to die in a stinking outhouse.

Regardless of whether you're an animal lover, these incidents should matter to you. It's well known that animal abuse and torture almost always precedes an escalation to the torture of humans.

Even if you don't care about other species' welfare, at least consider the consequences to human life of letting animal torturers go untreated and unpunished.

My furry companions are kept indoors because, living in an apartment on an upper floor, we've no choice. I've always felt guilty about that, although veterinarians argue that cats live longer, healthier lives and don't suffer from being kept indoors if they've never known otherwise.

Unfortunately for me, I don't buy that argument and so the guilt continues.

But I do buy the argument that keeping Kiltie and Brodie indoors keeps them safe from those who would torture animals just for the fun of it.

As for our ridiculous, antiquated animal abuse laws, Parliamentarians have talked and talked and talked, and introduced bill after bill after bill - and it never results in substantive change.

Well, we've got a federal election happening right now.

Which party leader will step up and PROMISE IN WRITING - with the statement signed, witnessed and notarized - that legislation will be enacted that treats the matter of animal abuse as seriously as it should?

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