24 July 2010

Con Thinking that'll Makes Your Eyes Cross

I just retweeted this from Angus Reid:

@AngusReidGlobal: A majority of Canadians think the long form census yields important data and should remain mandatory. http://bit.ly/9BHIlW #census #cdnpoli

Among the poll results, 58 percent vs. 24 percent of respondents accept the importance of the data obtained from the long-form mandatory census.

I received the following response to my retweet of that poll:

@canayjun: @tidewaters So identify that "majority" by name and send the census to them. Whatever happened to "strong and free"?

The 'strong and free' would have their tax dollars fund programs that respond to data collected from everyone else but them?

Does this make sense to anyone? My neurons are firing through so many twisty pathways that I can't see straight!

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