12 November 2010

When Physicians Think They're Gods

What a horrible story! What a terrible ordeal this poor woman has gone through!

Ms DeWaegeneire said in evidence the doctor told her of his intention when she was helpless, about to pass-out from anaesthesia on the operating table.

"His face came close to mine and for my ears only he said 'I'm going to take your clitoris too' with which I slid under the anaesthetic," Ms DeWaegeneire said.

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen SC asked: "Did you have the opportunity to respond?"

"I was gone," Ms DeWaegeneire replied.

Defence attorney's response:

the comments allegedly made before surgery were not correct and ... evidence ... show[s] none of the other four people in the small theatre heard those words.

Of course not. Did you not get that Dr. Neanderthal whispered his intent for the patient's ears only?

There is NO defence for this.

The best verdict for this man is to cut off his balls.

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