27 October 2008

Mobile Home Park Closes, Pets Abandoned, Owners "Irresponsible"

That's the reasoning applied in this article.

There's concern in Edmonton for dozens of cats left in a trailer park after their owners were evicted for a redevelopment... Over 100 families who were living in the park have been given until Oct. 31 to leave, and the property is now almost deserted.

The owner decided to redevelop the land into commercial real estate about a year ago, forcing residents to find somewhere else to live.

Many of the former residents moved into apartments and left their pets behind.

According to Tamara Pylypchuk, a woman who has been visiting the Jasper Place Mobile Home Park to feed the cats, the pet owners' were being "irresponsible."

I suspect not.

What is missing from the brief article is an interview with any of the former residents to ask them WHY they left their pets behind.

Here's a guess: The apartment owners don't allow pets. Exceedingly few in Alberta do.

Oh, and people who live in mobile home parks tend to be poor. Poor people don't have a heck of a lot of choice when it comes to housing.

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