05 December 2008

Harper on Pay Equity: You can stick it ...

... where the sun don't shine.

That sums up the Harper's message, as stated in the fiasco which is the Economic and Fiscal Statement 2008 and announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty last Thursday, November 27.

Writes Antonia Zerbisias in response:

Flaherty not only misrepresented the concept of equal pay for work of equal value, he dumped the onus on obtaining fair and equitable wages on unions.

As if every sewing machine operator and restaurant dishwasher has access to collective bargaining...

Flaherty also used the incomprehensible and misleading phrase "double pay equity," which supposedly means that, if a woman has union representation, she has pay equity.

Uh ... ?

"It's a thing they made up," Aalya Ahmad, co-ordinator of the Ottawa-based Ad Hoc Coalition for Women's Equality and Human Rights, told me. "The implication is that they're somehow not entitled to get pay equity in addition to any wage increases.

"So they're really distorting what equal pay is, which is equal pay for work of equal value.

Get informed. Go read the whole piece.

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