23 January 2008

Degrees of Separation

Have tried to get this blog going before, but life got in the way.

My name is Chrystal Ocean and I am the Founder and Coordinator of (the now defunct) WISE, a Canadian group of low-income people. I mention WISE because the work I do through it has become virtually inseparable from who I am. Whether that's good, I don't know. But that's the way it is.

How much of my own philosophy, which I'll be using this blog to explore, has affected the development of WISE is difficult to say. Because I'm the web developer for the WISE website and have, to date, written all its content, then the style of thought will be seen to be similar between that site and this one. However, I'll be writing in this blog my personal musings which should not be imputed to those of WISE.

In other words, this exercise is partly to help me identify where the line separating myself from my work is and what degree of separation I've been able to manage. It is largely, however, about forcing myself to do something I've always been uncomfortable doing: acknowledging that my opinion, on its own and without the protection of an artificial construct, might be worth sharing with others.

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