04 February 2008

US 2008 Presidential Candidates

Came across a blog post today from a candidate running in Canada's upcoming federal by-election. I won't identify the candidate, since my point has a broader message.

The following was his blog entry for today, which appeared on his campaign website:

I'm running my own campaign right now, but I have to admit I spend a lot of time watching American politics. I'm a big Barack fan and am really hoping he becomes the democratic nominee. Not because of his policies, nor his record [my emphasis], but because he is the most inspiring politician I have ever heard in my lifetime.

I have to give his speechwriter credit, and his team, but really feel that he takes their words and makes them magic. What he really does is reach beyond policies and problems and offers hope and a feeling that "we" can move towards a better world. I say we, because his words make me forget about borders and boundaries and I really feel one with everyone in this world who needs hope.


This latest video, done by independently of his campaign, brought tears to my eye, it was so inspirational. I have to say the messaging is great but it really is the delivery that matters...

I really hope for an Obama/McCain line up.

I actually have a lot of respect for McCain as well, he was a champion of campaign finance reform, and one of the strongest Senators on environmental protection. I can't agree with him on some of his militarism, but at least I believe the ex-POW doesn't make decisions lightly.

The two of them will really take the US into an amazing race, and could change the course of dialog in their country for ever.

42 days until my election, and under 1 year until Bush is gone for good!

This was my response:

Was disappointed to read your Feb 4th comments on the US election. Seems to me you've taken what the US mainstream media has presented to you and done no digging of your own.

On the Democrat side, Gravel is the best remaining candidate. Clinton would be more of the same and, contrary to the hype, Obama also would be more of the same. He has just had less time to be corrupted. E.g., while he originally voted against the Iraq invasion, he later was for it and has been consistently so ever since. He has no objections to the US policing the world, has no in-principle stance against US aggression, speaks about "change" but only in platitudes, would continue the current US monetary policy which is bankrupting the nation, ...

As for McCain, you couldn't have picked a worse candidate of the four GOP candidates remaining. McCain is even more dangerous than Bush. He's a warmonger with a mean racist streak (there's ample evidence of this, in videos of him speaking). He would have the US in perpetual war and attacking Iran within months of his inauguration. Like Obama, he would continue to spend money the US doesn't have by increasing military spending, all the while hastening the country to bankruptcy.

Just think about this fact: The candidate who has received more donations from active military personnel and veterans than ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES COMBINED is not Obama or Clinton or Gravel or McCain or Romney or Huckabee.

So who is it?

I'll leave that to you to work out. Just don't trust the MSM to make it easy for you.


What troubles me most about this candidate's response is his naivety. Is he so clueless that he buys into the rhetoric? Or is it as it seems, that he is persuaded of the quality of Obama not because of his policies or record - items pointing to the substance of the man -, but because of his ability to spellbind an audience? That is, the attraction is to Obama's qualities as a politician, not to his qualities, if any, as a statesman.

Listen closely to the video of Obama. You'll hear nothing concrete coming out of his mouth.

Obama speaks of Change. What change, specifically?

Obama says, "We can repair this world." Who is this WE? The US? Why should Americans suppose themselves to be responsible to repair this world? - granted that US foreign intervention has done much to foul it up.

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