08 March 2008

Reflections on a life change

So yesterday, on the eve of International Women's Day, the core organizers of WISE decided that enough was enough. We declared an end to WISE's long and painful death, one which had been forecast by the cuts and changes made to Status of Women Canada by the then still "new" - and purportedly conservative - government of Stephen Harper. 

I doubt that any future government, Liberal or Conservative, will have the political will to reinstate ALL that had been right with SWC prior to the changes. They'll pick and choose, which means that groups like WISE, whose two projects had once qualified for SWC funding, will no longer be eligible.

In my first post for this blog, back in January of this year, I'd written about degrees of separation and the difficulty I'd been having in separating myself from WISE. It had begun to feel like I'd become WISE and vice versa. Perhaps this happens to most founders of nonprofits. If true, then that makes me feel somewhat better.

Anyway, here I sit today at my computer, one day after the BIG DECISION and the placenta seems only stretched, not severed. Clearly, there's some work to do! However, one thing that's going to help me overcome my WISE addiction is the acquisition, thanks to my son Greg, of a brand new camera. 

I'm 57 years old and have never owned my own camera before! Now there appears to be no stopping me. For the first time in my life, I've learned how to snap my own photos, put them into slideshows, and shoot and edit my own videos.

I am SO enjoying my new toy. It goes everywhere with me. 

Look for future blog entries to include links to my latest creations!

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