03 February 2010

The New, Improved Michael Ignatieff

Aaron Wherry asks: What, precisely, has gotten into the leader of the Her Majesty’s loyal opposition?

Answer: Michael Ignatieff has finally found his backbone.

First was Ignatieff's response re prorogation, a shift for the leader from a view he'd expressed only a week before. The man listened, heeded, and re-thought his position. That's what good leaders do; they don't work to stifle dissent and undermine democratic processes.

I agree with Wherry. Ignatieff has had a heck of a good week, with bold new statements and new policies announced almost daily, for example, on unemployment, restoring Status of Women Canada and daring Stephen Harper to support abortion rights, starting up a national childcare program and reforming the Senate.

Am kinda liking Michael Ignatieff 2.0. If he says what he means and keeps to what he says, then there may be hope for a decent Canada after all.

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