15 June 2010

Afghan Document Deal No Deal for Canadians

Ralph Goodale has just said in the House of Commons that the success of the agreement will depend on the "honest behaviour" of all parties involved and he vowed that the Liberals "will continue to be alert and vigilant in the process."


According to Goodale, "all relevant and necessary information will be available."

Relevant and necessary, as determined by whom?

That would be jurists, not Members of Parliament who are the people's representatives. Jurists will review all material - minus legal documents and cabinet records which are to be automatically excluded from the get-go - before ever an MP's eyes should fall upon it.

This sham of a deal, which has enough holes to sink a ship and leaves Harper enough wiggle room for further circumventing parliamentary privilege, was predictable. As was the Liberal-Conservative dance to avoid an election.

Not predictable and disappointing to me was the assent of the Bloc.

The NDP, which has refused to sign on to the deal, has been much more forceful of late. I'm impressed and likin' it.

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