06 December 2010

Responsibility and Leadership - UPDATE

Here is the audio video version of today's resignation speech and scrum by BC NDP leader Carole James.

James: "I'll be stepping down..." from Sean Holman on Vimeo.

Nowhere does James take responsibility or ownership of problems faced by her party. Indeed, she may only have furthered the divisions by blaming the 13 MLAs - to whom she refers as "bullies" - who were calling for a OMOV leadership convention.

The message in James' scrum is that these "bullies" wouldn't toe the line that she dangled.

Around 13:35, someone asks (I think Sean Holman): "Do you think you bear any responsibility?"

James' answer: "No."

Another reporter follows up: "Do you think you could have done anything better?"

James' response is again denial.

I am surprised and disappointed she didn't take at least some ownership of her party's difficulties. That she took none is only further evidence that James should never have been leader of a political party.

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