21 April 2011

OK. I Am Officially Excited

On this blog, I've lambasted Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff, Stephen Harper, Elizabeth May... The only leader of a Canadian federal party I haven't targeted with slings and arrows is Gilles Duceppe and that's only because his party isn't a national one.

Some would say I've been particularly hard on Layton. Until Ignatieff came onto the Canadian political scene, they were likely correct. I went especially hard on Layton because I had so much higher expectations of him and his party.

So knock me down with a feather when along comes a new Layton, who seems to have been invigorated and renewed after recent health challenges. It's as though he acquired a fresh determination "to get things done."


Might this NDP surge go so far as to deliver one Jack Layton as Leader of the Official Opposition?

Oh..., Please..., Yes!

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