12 November 2008

Lawsuit Claiming Mind Control by MSoft Allowed

OK, so this serious news item gave me a giggle. And it has local flavour too! - the complainant lives just up the highway from me.

A judge has refused to dismiss a civil lawsuit brought by a B. C. man who is seeking $2-billion in damages from Microsoft, Telus, Wal-Mart, the RCMP and other defendants over alleged brain-wave control, satanic rituals and witchcraft.

Justice Fraser Wilson heard from five lawyers on Monday, who argued that the case brought forward by Jerry Rose is so outrageous it should be dismissed.

Mr. Rose's claim says "he has been subject to invasive brain computer interface technology, research, experiments, field studies and surgery" and also names the University of B. C. and B. C. College of Physicians and Surgeons as defendants...

Judge Wilson, while admitting the case was "certainly an unusual one," said he had to be convinced there was nothing in Mr. Rose's claim that could be litigated... [He] raised the notorious case of a CIA-sponsored experiment at McGill University between 1957 and 1964 in which people without their consent were given LSD and other drugs...

Mr. Rose, reading from a three-page statement, said the mind-control harassment continues with "brain-drain technologies" under the RCMP and tactics to prevent his case from going forward.

Truth be told, Microsoft might well be guilty of "invasive brain computer interface technology." Witness all the viruses and dreaded blue windows 90% of PC owners have had to endure!

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