05 November 2008

Spaceship Planet Earth

Ho hum, just another tax break for those who need it least.

Journalist Tom Barrett writes that BC's new tax rebate that "whacks the poor, later" is being touted as a cure all for climate control.

It would seem that low income earners will get a break for the first year or two but by year three will pay $47 more per year while their wealthy neighbours will GAIN a whopping $311 per year!

What gives with that?

When you consider that people with less to spend have a far smaller carbon footprint than those who have a swimming pool, sauna, three gas guzzling vehicles, dishwashers and all the "upwardly mobile" conveniences, it's obvious this equation is seriously off kilter.

It is time for all of us to come together to devise an equitable way to sustain the rapidly dwindling natural resources of our world. To admit that "having it all" is not working. To learn another way to be alive and healthy on Spaceship Planet Earth.

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