30 November 2008

NDP, Lib Websites Updated - Goodale Media Releases

Looks like the coalition is getting its act together quickly, both on the ground and electronically.

Both the NDP and Liberal websites have been updated - haven't checked the Bloc's. (Somebody?)

Also, the last two media releases from the Libs have Ralph Goodale as spokesperson. A sign of future new role for him? As in PM?

I'd prefer that, despite my having liked Dion. The optics of having him as PM just wouldn't play well since the electorate never did take to him.

This is an interesting comparison, courtesy of the Libs' November 28th release.

Amount of fiscal stimulus recently announced by:

United States : $1,859 billion

China : $726 billion

United Kingdom : $518 billion

Japan : $341 billion

Germany : $264 billion

France : $93 billion

Canada (2008 Fiscal Update): -4.3 billion

Wait to go Harper!

Gawd, it feels like an election all over again. I'm pumped!

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