07 February 2009

Danny and the Premiers

Danny Williams fears for Canada and believes the cracks in our Confederation have everything to do with the divide and conquer tactics of Harper and his band of merry men.
So why, he wonders, is he virtually the only provincial leader standing up and speaking out... "Everybody's afraid to put their head up," he says, "because they will be penalized."

...Among the other premiers, only Prince Edward Island's Robert Ghiz has voiced support.

"Not a peep from anybody else," Williams says.

At November's first ministers meeting, he says, he was first in line to speak up in support of Ontario receiving aid for the auto industry and spoke out for other provinces on equalization.

"I find it very disappointing," Williams says. "When something punitive, excessive and over-the-top happens to a province, I would expect the other provinces and territories to at least express support."

Why is Williams so alone in this fight? Because he appears to be the only Premier who has taken the job not for the purpose of enhancing his personal bottom line and power base, which are already in excellent shape, but because he cares about his province and its people. On the latter, we can add Gilles Duceppe.

While I disagree that HarperCo is the only reason for popular discontent in this country, I do think Danny Boy makes a number of salient points. Would that the province of BC had such a champion!

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