11 February 2009

Squeezed into Budget Implementation Bill

... are among the following choice items - courtesy Macleans, courtesy LeDevoir.
Competition law. "The last profound reform of this law was more than 20 years ago and resulted from years of consultation," Manon writes. "The government's current project is nearly as substantial. The amendments cover 31 pages and are highly complex....”

Wage equity in public service. Twenty-eight pages of amendments, which change the threshold at which employees will be able to seek an evaluation of the pay levels for their group.

Foreign investment. New, high and rising threshold for investment review, with government given a veto over acquisitions in cases of "national security."

Relaxing or eliminating the requirement for environmental-impact review before proceeding with certain infrastructure projects.

'Tis no surprise. We were all expecting the HarperCon cons to sneak stuff into the budget, right? So either the Liberals were a) unaware of these amendments or b) they agree with said amendments or c) they don't give a damn either way. My guess is number 2 or 3.

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