15 April 2009

Politicians: Change your Tune

Last night I attended a political gathering. The first one in a very long time.

I was expecting the usual rhetoric I often observe from tuning in to other forms of media and was surprised to find little of that in evidence. Some, yes, but the main message was that it is time for a change. A BIG CHANGE. A change big enough to shift voter apathy. A change that will give everyday people a reason to become re-involved in their own governance.

What impressed me more were the people who where present. I was included in a group made up of a number of familiar faces, some friends, representatives from a green-community building effort, women living well below the poverty line, small farm owners and a few professional types, to name a few. The overall feeling was of wanting to be heard and heeded by someone who would truly represent them once they were elected.

The person who was asking us to vote for them was listening to us. We were asked to speak. We did speak. We were heard. I'll admit it is a little scary to trust that, once elected, the words will turn into action but it was good to sense a genuine interested inclusion from the political representative.

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