30 April 2009

Telling Early Moment May Top LPC Convention

John Turner: "This party will not be rebuilt from the top down... This party has to be rebuilt from the bottom up... I believe riding-by-riding is how this party should be reconstructed, how this country should be run."

Then turning to the crowned-by-inner-circle Michael Ignatieff: "Not to have a candidate, Mr. Leader, appointed from the top down but elected from the bottom up... I don't want to see any leader-appointed candidates across the country."

According to reports the crowd erupted on hearing Turner's challenge.

Later, it was Ignatieff's turn: "I want to open nominations in every riding… but I cannot abandon the prerogative of a leader to make those appointments that I deem necessary... I want to make it clear, I want to use the power of appointment as rarely as I possibly can... I respect the grassroots of this party and I know I can’t rebuild the party unless it is from the bottom up."

Yes, Turner's challenge is about leadership. But the best leaders are those who lead from behind, who trust and encourage others to do their best. Where is the "we" in any of the above?

Is this still the Liberal Party of Canada? Or is it now the Liberal Party of Ignatieff?

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