28 April 2009

Tales from the Trail

The pro-FPTP campaigners would have you believe that BC-STV is confusing and complicated. Well, these women got it with little trouble. In fact, within five minutes.

From one of our local volunteers.
I had a really good session this morning with moms and some older women. They got it without difficulty and asked some really good questions.

They all wanted to know about the count, so I tried something new and think it worked well.

First I said, "Just relax; it's not complicated. In less than five minutes, you will all understand the count. If you can understand two simple divisions, for example, 4/2 and 2/4, you will understand the count."

So then I went on to how to determine the quota (number of ballots, divided by number of MLAs, + 1).

One mother said, "Okay that's the 4/2 part right?"

"Yes," I said.

Then I explained the transfer value determination using the loonie example, (number of surplus votes, divided by total votes).

Another mother said "That's the 2/4 part that gives a fraction to be spent on my second choice, right?"

Quite a few shrugged their shoulders and said, "Well that's not hard."

Nope, not hard at all. What the pro-FPTP camp claims to have so much trouble understanding, British Columbians like these young mothers are grasping with a shrug of their shoulders.

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