24 June 2008

Liberal Green Plan: Can I have a hat?

Having read the 48-page document describing the Liberal Party's Blue-mixed-with-yellow Shift™ plan, I confess to being relieved, also pleased - and not at all confused.

My befuddlement is not with Stéphane Dion's green plan.

My confusion is with comments made by Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, and other GOP-Canada loyalists, who have said the plan would "screw everybody," is far too complicated for ordinary Canadians to understand, and would be rejected by Canadians if we did understand it.

But really, Stevie, what's so hard to get about a SHIFT in what is taxed?

Not only is the Liberal green plan intelligible, it is an elegant start. The plan combines three high-priority concerns of Canadians:

  • a move toward taking responsibility for our ecological footprint,
  • a start on adjusting our economy and lifestyle to global warming, and
  • a start on addressing poverty and homelessness

Now, Mr. Dion, can I have a hat?

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