26 June 2008

More NDP Hypocrisy: Send us your $100 cheque

Yesterday, we learned that scientists and environmental activists had slammed the province's NDP for their disingenuous and misleading Axe the Tax campaign.

Today, British Columbians are given this suggestion from NDP environment critic Shane Simpson concerning what we should do with our $100 cheques - those cheques issued as part of the BC government's new carbon tax initiative.

Shane Simpson urges people to make their "gas tax rebate count" by funneling it to his party.

"We need to get tough on polluters, expand transit and aggressively promote green energy production," he says. "But we need your help.

"Here's what you can do right now: Join me and donate your $100 tax rebate to the B.C. NDP."

Giving to the NDP "will help elect the right people to fight for the right solutions for environmental change that are equitable for all British Columbians," he says.

Environment Minister Barry Penner accused the NDP of trying to get its hands on money that was intended to fight global warming.... Now, it appears the party is trying to make money off a program that it doesn't even support, Finance Minister Colin Hansen said.

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