12 July 2008

Harper Needs Lesson in Logic

Commenting on Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's statement that Ontario is revisiting its requirement that gasoline include ten percent ethanol by 2010 (from the present five percent), our Stevie had this to say:
There are several causes to the recent rise in food prices and biofuels is probably a factor, but we're convinced that the far greater factor is actually the rise in energy input costs for the production of food.

Harper needs to go back to school, because any first-year student in logic or critical thinking could tell him his reasoning is flawed.

That energy costs are the greater factor in rising food costs does not diminish the fact that the production of food for fuel is also a factor - and a big one. Hence, a government which supports biofuel development - to the tune of $1.5 billion no less - is a government which is contributing to the rising cost of food.

Harper admits in his statement that biofuel is a factor. But then dismisses the point as irrelevant.

Stevie, you're losin' it.

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