02 July 2008

Spain Awards Apes Legal Rights

While I applaud Spain's attempt to ensure right to life, liberty and protection from torture for apes, I question why the same is not offered to their female human counterparts.

Alternative and mainstream media all report on violence against women, at the same time allowing advertisers to use women to sell consumable, disposable products, quietly promoting the idea that women are expendable.

Everyday the information highway is dotted with stories about the degradation, misuse, abuse and violence against women perpetrated by men, often their husbands, fathers, uncles, grandfathers and male friends. Today's Daily (printed version only) carries the story of the Dad who has been labelled a dangerous offender. Reading to the end of this brief, well hidden blurb, I find the mother is accused of being an "enabler'. I am outraged at the bleeding of responsibility for Dad's morally vile actions onto a woman, his wife.

There is the often asked question of what is to be done to affect change to end the torture of women. Would it be: Tougher laws? Yes. Affirmative political action? Yes. Awareness and preventative measures? Yes.

Alas, these are slow to materialize and it would seem the necessary action must be taken by women.

Beginning at home our male partners and offspring must learn to respect women, speak against the blowhard who launches endlessly into sexist jokes, observe and intervene when a male co-worker pats the bottom of the robust young secretary, tell the man in the line up at the bank that his repulsive asides about the older female teller are not appreciated and out of line. Our sons must be taught that "she" is his mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece and neighbour, the one who has given him life.

Until women unify, globally, nationally and locally to take action at home very little will change.

We, like the apes the Spanish government is attempting to protect, deserve and require the same respect from our male partners.

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