19 August 2008

New FB Group Targets Cons' Spam-a-Lot Campaign

Hats off to Pale, over at A Creative Revolution for starting up a new Facebook group to counter the HarperCons' recent Spam-a-Lot Campaign.

Tired of receiving campaign-style junk mail in your mailbox? You know the ones, those black and white flyers paid for by your tax dollars. Then head on over to ACR, read what Pale's been up to, check out her snazzy new flyers - a refreshing antidote to the nausea-inducing Conservative rhetoric and lies junking up your mailbox - and sign up to the new FB group!

ETA: Just received another TWO of the Cons' junk flyers, each different, courtesy of my non-MP Ken Epp. (Voters for my electoral district chose NDPer Jean Crowder.) One of the flyers was the one attacking Vancouver's InSite.

Such a move doesn't go over so well in these here parts, Ken. British Columbians are rather proud of the fact that InSite has saved lives (PDF).

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