05 August 2008

Vitamin D eases Chronic Back Pain - Part 2

This is a followup to a post I wrote on the 26th of June, in which I reported on a literature study which claimed to have uncovered a strong link between increased intake of Vitamin D and the easing of chronic back pain. 

My back had become increasingly bad over the past dozen years, to the point it was forcing me to be bedridden for a full 24-hour period, two to three times a week. 

So when I read this very thorough study, I was happy to test its conclusions myself. After all, taking Vitamin D supplements in the doses recommended couldn't do me any harm.

That same day being one of my better days, I trekked to the store to get some Vitamin D3 - 240 pills, 1,000 IU each - and began taking two daily. This supplement was in addition to any Vitamin D I was getting from sun exposure and food. 

Frankly, I didn't expect to see an effect.

However, about three weeks into the program, on a walk into town, I realized I wasn't experiencing the usual pain.

Normally, I'd be able to walk a block or two, then would have to stop. The pain would get worse the further I had to walk and the heavier the load I was carrying on the return trip. By the time I got home, I would always be in bad shape.

But on that walk I was able to go further with less discomfort, and while still in pain it wasn't as bad.

The difference was enough that I noticed it. Likely, the pain began easing sooner.

Now I'm delighted to report that the episodes of laying flat on my back have lessened too. In fact, I've not had a period of immobility for THREE WEEKS.

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