16 September 2010

HST Referendum in BC - Hooray!

I support the HST and have given my reasons in several posts.

More, I support true democratic process and have spent a good deal of this space writing about that. No matter the topic of the day, the problem almost always returns to the majority of voices having been left unheard.

Democratic reform topped the list of WISE's three major goals. The WISE women, all of whom lived in households of very low income, knew that unless politicians were forced to heed the voices of the people who elect them, nothing would change for us or for the majority of the masses. The only real benefits would accrue to the already well-connected or well-to-do.

So I'm tickled pink that British Columbia will be holding a referendum on the HST next September, that the result will be based on a simple majority vote and that its outcome will determine the fate of the HST in this province.

As long as policies and decisions are determined on the basis of meaningful consultation with an informed electorate, and any referenda are based on a simple majority vote, I'm prepared to accept their consequences. If I don't like the consequences, I will work to change people's minds.

Meaningful, truthful dealing by governments with the people. The people using suasion amongst themselves and with their political representatives. That's how a democracy is supposed to function.

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