16 September 2010

Abortion Too Easy?

I am enraged, again, with this story about the pro-life righteous, religious, right-wing-nutters in the USA.

Is there no end to other people deciding how a woman comes to a decision about seeking an abortion? I'm beginning to realize that all the die hard pro-lifers seem to believe that a woman thinks 'Ho-hum, I'm pregnant. I better find an abortion clinic and get rid of the damn thing.'

Where are the 'fathers' in the picture? Why aren't they hauled in and made accountable for THEIR actions? Is there any pregnancy without a male partner, artificially inseminated or not?

Having lived through the era when it was a criminal offence for a woman to seek an abortion, I am livid to see this ugly hatred for women who choose to control their own bodies and destinies returning.

I recommend you read the whole article and follow the links provided.

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