08 October 2010

Carole James Ousts Wrong MLA

It would have been so much better had Carole James ousted herself from the BC NDP caucus rather than Bob Simpson. The man's crime? In two sentences, he dared mild criticism of James' (and Gordo's) speech to the Union of BC Municipalities.

Someone has since created a Facebook page supporting Simpson. Online commenting there and on news sites is strongly in his favour.

As with so many of James' misbegotten moves as leader, this latest has only put more people off, including well-respected - and some now former? - supporters of her party.

The sooner Carole James goes, the better for the NDP and the people of this province. Anyone who supposes James could effectively lead as Premier of BC when she has so abysmally failed as Leader of the BC NDP is living in a fantasy world.

As for Simpson, the people of BC need a whole lot more like him. We need MLAs who will defend and offer principled policy on behalf of their constituents. We don't need MLAs who will kowtow to their party at the expense of such proper representation.

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