13 November 2010

Ten Percent of Riding Associations and Growing

... is not "a few folks," Ms. James.

That's what Carole James intimated in a recent radio interview:

"There are always people who are going to be complainers, ... a few folks calling for change."

When her interviewer asks about a momentum of riding associations calling for an "outright leadership convention" in the Spring, James discounts it, says she's "not concerned at all."

James should be concerned.

Ten percent of NDP riding associations have passed resolutions calling for NDP MLA Bob Simpson to be returned to caucus.

  • Powell River-Sunshine Coast
  • West Kootenay-Boundary
  • Nanaimo-North Cowichan
  • Penticton
  • Fraser-Nicola
  • Cariboo North
  • Kamloops-North Thompson
  • Kamloops-South Thompson

Other riding associations, including some of the same ones, are calling for a leadership convention in early 2011 (not just a 'review' which allows the fix to be in), if not for James' outright resignation

Each day, more riding associations announce similar resolutions. There IS momentum calling for a leadership convention.

Yet James is ready to discount these resolutions, these ridings, regardless of how many.


Because she expects "support from the provincial council."

That rather sums up the problem, doesn't it?

James may be a fine person (I don't know, having never met her), but she is not a leader. She failed to defeat GORDON CAMPBELL over two elections, for science sake!

Yet the inner circle props up this inept puppet, no matter what "a few folks," a growing number of members outside the inner circle, may demand.

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