29 May 2009

Now Grow Some Grain

Yes folks, you too, can grow your own grain. It is happening in a neighbourhood near you.
You don’t need much space to raise at least some grains. A normal yield of wheat grown organically would be at least 40 bushels to the acre. So you’d need only 1/40th of an acre to produce a bushel. That would be a plot of ground 10 feet wide by about 109 feet long. A really good wheat grower with a little luck could get a bushel from a plot half that size. Wheat yields have been recorded as high as 80 bushels per acre and even higher.

Here, in the Cowichan Valley, we have some dedicated farmers growing enough grain to supply not only themselves, but a bakery, with enough wheat for both.

The True Grain Bread bakery, located in Cowichan Bay, produces loaves of Red Fife bread from the local growers for sale to the public.

Read the whole article, roll up your sleeves, dig in, grow your own grain (or find a local farmer who is growing grains) and become part of the solution to food security in your hometown.

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