31 July 2009

Facebook, We're Through

Started the process to delete my Facebook account on July 16. Ergo, after the Facebook-imposed deactivation (cooling off) period of 14 days, it was deleted on July 29. Yesterday, because people insist on linking to stuff on the damn site, I thought to try it again and created a new account under a new name... and have just begun a new 14-day deactivation period to get rid of that one too.

Why am I so out of sorts with Facebook? Well, it's not for everyone.

I've no patience with sites whose 'interactive' components fail to be interactive. With my second account, as I'd experienced on occasion with the old one, I couldn't get the damn photo tool working properly, even after 24 hours fiddling with it; and I design websites and am knowledgeable about how these things SHOULD work. Then NoScript and Firefox discovered some of FB's scripts to be suspect. One of those scripts caused my MAC (!) to hang - three times. If FB can do that to a Mac, whose operating system is more secure than Windoze, then bye-bye! (I'm as bad as any doting mother when it comes to my mini.)

Never could see the benefit of Facebook, but like a good little lamb I followed the herd. It's really not for people like me, though. I'm interested in learning, so I value exchanges of information about current events, science, tech, etc. Facebook isn't so much about that, not nearly as much as, say, Twitter.

Then I never could get into the hook-up-with-friends aspect of the site, a concept on which Facebook was built - An introvert with 65 'friends'? It challenges credibility - or with playing follow-the-leader and hurrying to sign up to 'participate' in online protests. Blogging about issues of immediate, pressing concern, yes. But just adding your name on the latest issue-of-the-hour Facebook page? The peer pressure implicit in such requests wasn't appreciated.

Maybe it just comes down to Facebook better serving the outgoing social butterfly and Twitter the quiet, loner type. But Facebook, you and I are through. For the sake of your myriad fans, may you Live Long and Prosper!

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