05 July 2009

Monument to "Victims of Communism" Planned

The Harper government is planning a monument to "victims of Communism." (Note capital 'c'.)

Three years ago, Jason Kenney - then secretary of state for multiculturalism, now federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism - says he met with the Czech and Slovak Association, who brought him to a small memorial for communism's victims they had built in a private Toronto park. It was a Christ-like figure crucified on a hammer and sickle. "I said to them, sort of half jokingly, 'Any chance we could move this to Ottawa as a national monument?'" he recalls. "They said, 'That's a brilliant idea, why don't we do that? Why don't we create a monument for the victims of Communism in Ottawa?' And we immediately got to work."

Harper waxed enthusiastic in his support:

"I would strongly support the idea of such a monument to recognize the 100 million people who died violent deaths under communist regimes, as well as those who escaped these totalitarian regimes to build new lives in Canada." He suggested it belonged near Ottawa's war museum, "ideally" to be unveiled in time for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this November.

Way. To. Go. Harper! Canada's current resident of the PMO supports the erection of a monument for victims of a political ideology of which there are several variants. Might we also erect a monument for victims of neo-liberalism? How 'bout market capitalism?

There is so much confusion of terms in that quoted National Post article it has fogged up my lenses and I've gone cross-eyed.

Help! Is there a doctor (of logic chopping) in the house?

ETA: Ah huh! The good doctor answers my call. I recommend people read his post.

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