27 July 2009

Well, boo hoo hoo

There are plenty of good reasons for objecting to BC's new Harmonized Sales Tax which is to be introduced next year. This isn't one of them:

"Builders and consumer groups say [the HST] is a 'disaster' that will add $36,000 to the cost of a new $800,000 home."

If you can afford a brand, spanking new $800,000 house then you can afford to pay an extra $36,000 in taxes.

That money could go toward helping house other taxpayers whose income rules out their ever being able to afford to buy their own home. Among these people are those who serve you in the stores where you shop, in the car dealerships where you buy your fancy cars, in the places where you book travel arrangements or go for all-day pampering or push a little ball around in a beautiful environment not accessible to the rest of us.

The things you buy most of the people who serve you cannot afford for themselves.

For you, $36,000 is peanuts. For ten percent of the rest of us, that amounts to four, or more, times our annual income.

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