21 March 2010

Dmitri Soudas: Non-critical thinker

According to Dmitri Soudas, if...

- Jack & Company mount a resistance against oranges and,
- Gilles & Company mount a resistance against apples, then

...Gilles is comparing apples to oranges.

Per Soudas, Gilles is not - as one might normally suppose - likening the resistance of the one to the resistance of the other; he is not comparing what is similar in the two contexts. No, he is instead comparing what is different, apples and oranges.

That is how we must interpret the following:

Duceppe: "The sovereignty of Quebec, no more than the liberation [of France], is not possible, would not have been possible, without the work of the resistance fighters. Our work is essential to achieving sovereignty."

Soudas: "[Mr. Duceppe] is making ridiculous and unacceptable comments in comparing Bloc MPs to French resistance fighters during the Nazi occupation. In so doing, he is comparing the government of Canada to the Nazi regime."

Mike Duffy must be so proud. Clearly, Mr. Soudas never got "brainwashed" by courses on critical thinking.

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