08 March 2010

Ignatieff a Disaster for LPC

Michael Ignatieff makes me sick. For the umpteenth time, he delivers a spineless ultimatum to his foe, one Stephen Harper, whose spine suggests there's a one-inch thick, two-foot long, poker up his ass.

I agree with Kady O'Malley's take (in the comments section) on Iggy's most recent foray into the snarling arena:

[I]t bothers me that the leader, at least, seems to be ignoring the fact that an Order of the House is not meant to be a political bargaining chip.

In other words, all well and good to 'demand', in an open letter to Stephen Harper, a public inquiry into the Afghan detainee issue. But why not at least include in that same letter the most immediate, pressing issue for Canadian democracy, that of an existing parliamentary Order to present the Afghanistan documents, unredacted, an Order the government continues to ignore?

Ignatieff hasn't got what it takes to defeat Harper, let alone defend what power Parliament has left. Expect to see the man sink in the polls again.

ETA: Could the NDP do any worse as the Official Opposition? It's hard to imagine.

It's time to switch the numbers, time for the Liberal Party of Canada to be relegated to third - or fourth - party status. Certainly the LPC's backroom boys deserve no better.

Do the party's rank and file members deserve better? Yes, but since when have they had any say in their party's leadership or anything else of substance? At least with the NDP, you know they run their party more democratically.

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