18 March 2010

Per Vote Subsidy

Why did Stephen Harper during Question Period today raise the issue of per-vote subsidies again? Is it possible that, as his government tries to trim the fat, it will go after them, sneakily, as it tried to do with the public Internet access program?

I suspect Harper of either aiming for, or anticipating an election. He thus wants to make a non-confidence motion appear to be not about his government's failure to obey an Order of the House but about per-vote subsidies and the opposition parties' own vested interests. Such a strategy of misdirection worked well for him last time.

Note also Harper's allusion today to the 'illegitimate' coalition of yore and his umpteenth re-writing of our Constitution on the fly. Apparently, voters elected his government. That they didn't is irrelevant to Canada's neocon narrative.

To the contrary, the leader of the political party with the most MPs elected is declared the Prime Minister. Twenty-two percent of registered voters chose a Conservative MP in the last election.

But let's not let truth get in the way of propaganda.

h/t @GlobalObserver for last stat.

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