03 July 2010

Do you care about the erosion of Canadians' civil liberties?

There are four things that you can do, particularly pertaining to the arrests and detentions that took place during last weekend's G20 summit, in support of pulling back Harperian (and now McGuintyan?) authoritarianism and their latest encroachments of our civil liberties:

1. Send an email in support of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association petition. As noted on their website, once in receipt of 5,000 endorsements the CCLA will be submitting the petition to the three levels of government.

2. Fill out this short form, which will send an email to politicians at all three levels of government: Toronto city council, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and the Parliament of Canada.

3. Once you've completed the form in step 2, you'll be redirected to the Facebook group Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20. If you haven't already joined, DO IT. (As I write this, the group is closing in on 40,000 members.)

4. Spread the word.

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