13 July 2010

Free T-Shirts

There's a Twitter conversation going on amongst journalists regarding the arrival in their post boxes of opposing Iggy t-shirts, one each from the Liberal and Conservative camps. The latter, apparently, says 'Just visiting'. Dunno what the other says - perhaps some reference to a whiff of sulfur.

Anyway, Rosie Barton just complained that she hadn't received one of the Liberal t-shirts. To which I responded, Neither have I!

Why should journalists get all the freebies, eh? Why shouldn't Canadian bloggers and citizen journalists be included? I mean, my t-shirt supply has worn down (literally) to one, the others having been converted to dust rags.

I therefore submit this suggestion to Canada's political parties (including the provincial ones): send bloggers free t-shirts too!

Myself being a non-partisan and an equal-opportunity enthusiast, I assure all political parties that their t-shirts will be given equal exposure.

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