16 July 2010

Stephen Harper's Agenda is Showing

But that's OK. Harper has ensured that most Canadians are too overburdened, too stressed, too oblivious or too stupid to care.

His master stroke has just been played...

How to convince the gullible (whilst ensuring more of them) that Canada's federal government should not fund social programs or transfer funding to provinces for such programs and services:

1. Remove the key resource upon which evidence for the need of social programs is based - like removing a tree's roots.

2. Boast to Canadians of the responsibility of their federal government not to throw money away on programs for which there is no evidence of need.

3. Ensure Canadians' blind acceptance of #2 by dumbing-down Canada's post-secondary institutions; promoting FOX-style media and denying less-amenable media organizations information; and giving preference to the non-scientific, non-evidence-based views of crazy fundamentalists who occupy positions both inside and outside the Conservative government's cabinet and caucus.

In three words: Control all information.

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