13 July 2010

UPDATE - A Message from Ignatieff's Liberal Senators

"Fuck you, Canada!"

Courtesy of the following, no-show Liberal senators, on the matter of the Conservatives' 900-page omnibus 'budget' bill:

* Tommy Banks
* Sharon Carstairs
* Pierre de Bane
* Francis Fox
* Serge Joyal
* Nick Sibbeston
* David Smith

Source (of the names, not the message): the great Kady O'Malley.

Let us not forget also the Liberals in the House of Commons, who undertook their duties in similar abysmal fashion.

Given the Ignatieff Liberals' fear of Harper's Conservative bullies in government, voters are likely to suspect they'd be as fearful of said bullies in Official Opposition. On either side of the HoC, the HarperCons are more effective than the Iggy-Lib wimps currently occupying the latter position and vying to form government dreaming nostalgically of their days of former glory.

ETA: Before Liberal partisans start shouting "but it's the CONSERVATIVES who're introducing these policies!," let me remind you that the Conservatives form the government and as such are doing what they think to be right for the country. Whereas your leader and his kowtowing MPs form the Official Opposition; he and they are supposed to be OPPOSING. VIGOROUSLY. An effective Official Opposition is Canada's only defence against a tyrannical government. Which is why Canada has one right now!!!

ETA2: I've probably nixed the chance of getting a Liberal t-shirt, eh? Darn!

ETA3: "Travel commitments" prevented at five of the seven Liberal senators from their commitment to Canadians. Must be nice to have vacation time, something that many 'ordinary' Canadians don't have; they're too busy working two and more part-time jobs, just trying to survive.

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