12 August 2009

Google AdSense UPDATE 7

Silly me. With update 6, I thought that was the end of it. Notice had been received of my account having been cancelled, although not with my getting the outstanding amount owing to me.

Then this morning I get this email from Google AdSense:

Thanks for writing in and sorry to keep you waiting. I've taken care of the phone hold. However, you still need to select a form of payment so that we can pay you :)

My goodness. A REAL PERSON read one of my emails and has removed the phone hold! And she appended that notice with a smiley face!

Select a form of payment... Done.

But this leads to another question. HAS my account been cancelled? If it had, then I couldn't have logged back in to make changes. And now given the removal of the phone hold, which means I can finally get paid, I'd prefer to keep the account active and add Google AdSense back to my blog.

Wanna bet such a request starts a whole new round of auto-replies and a clash of live support vs. the auto-bots?

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