26 August 2009

He had a sexual addiction, right?

Headline reads: Prominent psychiatrist banned after sex with patient.

For four years, this 'mental health professional' carried on a sexual relationship with his patient.

The tribunal held by the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Newfoundland and Labrador took place behind closed doors because the former patient "was so distraught she couldn't complete a victim impact statement."

"She was a person in a very vulnerable situation," said lawyer Bob Buckingham, who was representing the victim. "There's nothing consensual whatsoever about [Dr. Thomas Cantwell's] behaviour."

Cantwell retired in the fall of 2007. Before that, he was clinical chief of mental health and addictions for Eastern Health.

One wonders how Cantwell's defence went. Did he claim to have a sexual addiction or, closer to reality, the God complex? - Oops! I mean narcissistic personality disorder, the psychiatric industry's preferred term for it?

H/t to tweeter canadaliving.

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