19 August 2009

Sacramento Tent City Demolished

... only for Mayor to propose, months later, a 'city sanctioned' tent city.

I read about this in a post on the SLO Homeless blog. The writer points to the stupidity, not to mention the inhumanity, of dismantling an already-established community only to reconstruct another.

"Something in all of this doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

Ah, but it does.

You see, those who have, such as legislators and your not-so-friendly neighbourhood property owners, consider people who don't have as not being entitled, or even having the capacity, to do or look out for themselves. I mean, how dare 'those people' come together and form a community!

But those same Haves, with their glorious sense of superiority, think themselves perfectly entitled to tell the have-nots where to go, er, where to live.

In societies where acquisitiveness is the name of the game, forget what their individual charters of rights say. People with property have more rights, de facto, than people without property.

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