30 August 2009

Heart Lifting Story - Please spread word

A woman who lost her long-term employment last summer and subsequently became homeless was just offered an internship with Elle Magazine. I've been following her on Twitter and consider her one of my newfound friends.

Bri has written her first blog post on Elle's website. If you want to negate the negative spin of people who are homeless or those living on the brink; if you want to spread understanding that the desperately poor are resourceful and inventive - how else could they/we survive? - then please click this Digg link, vote up the article and spread the word.

Two weeks ago, Bri tweeted that her trailer and truck had been towed. Now she has an Elle internship, is being contacted by various media and it sounds like she's also getting other offers of employment.

It can happen, but it won't happen enough unless attitudes change - not the attitudes of people living at the bottom of the poverty well, but the attitudes of people in positions of power, including all owners of property in neighbourhoods everywhere.

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