19 August 2009

Whoever Controls the Food Controls the People

Do you remember this beautiful, brutally honest piece about homelessness, from the point of view of someone who knows it from the inside looking out? After I'd copied and posted it to this blog, many people stopped by and said how moved they'd been by it. Me? I began crying and nodding agreement long before finishing the second paragraph.

M├ętisRebel continues to write with a truth that I've read nowhere else. Her latest is about the forced indignity of hungry people required to spend each day travelling to where the food is, to locations that society permits to serve or hand out food to 'the vulnerable', 'the needy', 'the less fortunate' - in this land of plenty.

You want to understand 'homelessness'? Do you REALLY want to learn the solutions? Are you - politicians, bureaucrats, nonprofit boards, NEIGHBOURS -, prepared to ACT on them?

Unless you're reading M├ętisRebel, you've likely no clue what the true solutions are, which means you are likely supporting, intentionally or otherwise, the status quo.

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