29 May 2010

Anti-HST Petition a Sign of New Populism in BC?


I've written before that I support the HST, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I didn't sign the anti-HST petition.

I do NOT and have never supported the machinations by the BC Liberals to ram the HST down British Columbians' throats without ever uttering a word about it during the May 2009 election.

I've also written, extensively, about my support for democratic reform.

I am therefore heartened by the strength of the (pseudo*) populist anti-HST campaign, which has already reached the required number of signatures weeks ahead of the deadline. And I'm especially excited about this: if the conclusion is unsatisfactory (nothing binds the Liberal government to honour a referendum outcome or to introduce a bill to undo the HST), then the petitioners will begin the recall process for Liberal MLAs, one riding at a time.

I hope this augers well for future heightened voter attention to the goings-on in Victoria. It's long past time politicians thought twice about getting voters angry.

*The anti-HST petition received a lot of help from well-pocketed individuals and groups who've certain vested political interests.

ETA: If my MLA was a Liberal and despite my supporting the HST, I would sign a recall petition. Lying during an election and bringing in a policy scant weeks later - one known to press voter buttons and one that Campbell & Co. assured everyone wasn't even on the party's radar - deserves no less than firing the lot of them.

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