10 May 2010


From a tweet by Doug Saunders, European Bureau chief with the Globe and Mail, re the outcome of the UK election:

Just to be clear to Canadians: Gordon Brown today proposed a COALITION WITH SEPARATIST PARTIES!!!! And that aspect doesn't bug people here.

So Canadians wait with bated breath for the Brits to do what our politicians haven't the gonads to do: i) negotiate to form a majority coalition government and ii) include in those negotiations reform of the electoral system.

Only THEN might Canadians see such things happening here.

In the meantime, we have a government that is run by a party that garnered ONLY 23 PERCENT of the popular vote; and thanks to our Ineffectual Opposition we effectively have a Conservative majority government. 

The rest of us are not free of blame. A sufficient number of Canadians clearly don't give a damn.

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